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First and foremost, 80% Studios is dedicated to creating exciting, fun and inventive comic books for all ages!

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80% Studios would be nothing without our loyal fans who have supported us through thick and thin. This is the missing 20%. This is...The Massive!


80% comics. 100% Cyberpunk.

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In the near future after the days of the Earth razing event known as “The Crippling,” humanity has survived by taking refuge in overcrowded city fortresses run by corporations at the cost of their freedom. While most are content to live in the gutter, some dream of the stars. At the lowest level of this […]


Delve into the unknown with 80% Studios’ newest adventure—DALLAS MERCHANT and the KEEPERS of the BLOOD MANDALA! Trained in the ancient art of Mandala Magicks, Dallas must use all of her occult knowledge to rescue her Grandfather from the depths of the reality web itself—a journey that will take her from the radiated shores of […]


A tour-de-force of ultra spectrum adventure on the bleeding edge of reality, set to an unrelenting soundtrack of futuristic rhythms and beats! //Serialized quarterly in Nemesis Enforcer//  PURCHASE Art and story by Dimi Macheras and Casey Silver // words-Kelly Wooster (#2,3) Chapter One – Trigger   Chapter Two – Relic Channel Chapter Three – Levitity […]


The story of the multiverse’s greatest hero trapped in a battle with the echo of his own legacy! The following story was originally published in Nemesis Enforcer #5 // purchase Adventure #00 – The Form   The following story was originally published in Prophet #30 by Image Comics Adventure #269